We can change our home feeling with use of bamboo cane and poles. Some tricks and you will have an unique home. Staircase, culvert or an tropical mood bar can solve with bamboo cane and bamboo pole. We have bamboo cane and bamboo pole from 1 cm to 12 cm diameter. The typical length of the bamboo shoot is 2.8 or 5.6 meter. But please, take attention some of the courier service undertake maximum 2.0 meter long package. Please, contact with us prior order. You can find the price of the bamboo canes and bamboo poles if you click the underlined link.

bamboo bar, bamboo paneling

bamboo wainscot, bamboo slat


Bamboo Wainscot (paneling, base board, plank) in Ireland

So far, it could be covered walls by split in half bamboo shoot. This was difficult because the split in half bamboo pole had different diameter at the two ends of the shoot. So, it was difficult to make an seamless surface. We can solve this problem with bamboo wainscot (bamboo paneling, bamboo base board). This product manufacturing from bamboo shoot, that in the factory cut 5 cm wide streak from the bamboo pole. So the bamboo planks have two parallel lines on their two opposite sides. Therefore you can work easily with them. You can fix them on floor joist by tacking.

bamboo railing, bamboo pole

You can improve a staircase made with metal tube framework. You can masking the metal tube parts with bamboo pole. Only you need to forge the bamboo cane with a hammer onto the metal tube. Or if every two end of the metal tube are built in then you can apply two half of the bamboo pole split in half. We can clean the inner part of the halved bamboo cane and then we glue the two halves bamboo shoots.

Also we can use for culvert or ending of bamboo wallpaper.

bamboo cane, bamboo bar, bamboo partition

Tropical mood bar decorated with bamboo poles. The wallcovering with bamboo goods are not so difficult. You can do it yourself (DIY).

rolled bamboo wall, bamboo folding screen

Folding screen made from bamboo cane.
We warp two steel wire in a wood or metal frame and then thread for these wire the holed bamboo poles. Now we have a folding screen from bamboo shoots.

bamboo pole, bamboo cane

Masking of curtain rod or pelmet by bamboo pole.
The curtain rod or pelmet which made from aluminium or other non eye-appealing easily can hide by bamboo, rattan, carved wood or other natural materials.

bamboo picture frame, bamboo painting frame

Picture frame from bamboo cane.

Frame making

Choose a bamboo shoot which diameter did not change appreciably with the length. Split in half the bamboo cane. The inner part of the halved bamboo pole we have to clean. We cut to the appropriate dimensions the halved bamboo cane. On a flat table compile the frame and glue. Please, take attention for the next: the bamboo material can cut in 45 degree angle but not so well as the wood. So most of the case you need to chisel the corner element of the frame.
The bamboo cane surface can be lacquered, painted. or can be trated with bamboo oil. We use dense varnish or paint. The thin paint or varnish can be use after you make rough the surface by chisel.

All displayed prices mean the gross retail value.

Diameter of Bamboo Pole (cm) Price (€/m) Lenght of the Shoot Amount

5-cm wide bamboo wainscot plank
with two paralel side, ploughed
Now only!

1.60 €



We can deliver bamboo goods by parcel service. But please, take attention some of courier service undertake maximum 2.0 meter long package. Please, contact with us prior order.
You can freely distribute this material. But please, refer to us with a living link (https://www.bamboorattancane.co.uk/).

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Bamboo pole, indoor decoration, bamboo cane, bamboo wainscot, bamboo covered staircase, bamboo picture frame
Bamboo pole, indoor decoration, bamboo cane, bamboo wainscot, bamboo covered staircase, bamboo picture frame
Bambusz léc, bambusz lambéria, falburkolatok
Bambus štap za dekoraciju ili izradu namještaja.
bambusová lambériová lišta, štípaný bambus, bambusový obklad zdí
Bambusowy kij, bambusowa tyczka, bambusowa przegroda, bambusowy kij do doniczek, bambusowa okładzina, bambusowy kij rozcięty wzdłuż
BambusTapete, Lambris, Wandverkleidung, Wandschutz
Türfüllmaterial aus Bambus, Bambuswandverkleidung
Türfüllmaterial aus Bambus, Bambuswandverkleidung
Canne di bambù
Comercializam stalpi (bare) de bambus, sipci (lambriu) bambus la cele mai mici preturi.
Bambuš štapovi i motke za dekoraciju enterijera.
bambusový predok pre koľaj záclon, bambusový rám obrazov, bambusové zábradlie
bambu napa sisäkoristelu sauva bambu ampua bambu paneeli
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bambuspinne skyte innendørs dekorasjon bambus villmarkspanel bambusrør
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εσωτερική διακόσμηση μπαμπού ξύλινη επένδυση μπαμπού ζαχαροκάλαμο Μπαμπού πόλο
binnendecoratie schieten bamboepaal bamboe stok bamboe lambrisering
bambusa nūju bambusa panelējums bambusa panelis bambusa niedru iekštelpu apdare
izdelki za notranjo dekoracijo bambusa pole ustrelil bambus obloga
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